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JALI AFYA is an African initiative, Christ-centered, nonpolitical and non-governmental for the well-being of families and communities.


Our story:


Jali Afya, is a collaboration of health providers and community members to improve the health outcome for the poor. Created in 2019, become more active in 2021.


Dr. Marx, one of the co-founder after graduating his Master’s degree in Healthcare leadership at Brown University, providence, RI, US; saw an opportunity to improve health in Africa. He initiated neonatal care at Van Norman Clinic, in Bujumbura, Burundi. An initiative that helped Dr. Marx win the Brown 2017 Master’s award for professional excellence. A year later he decided to serve the poorest, and joined Nundu Deaconess Hospital in the rural eastern Congo. He quickly realized that his intervention at the hospital had very little impact to the community he served. He noticed the healthcare system served was merely scratching on the surface without creating change on major factors like hunger, poor nutrition habit, unhealthy behavior, low economic status household, low education of the mother, life in a poor and precarious environment. He then, met with Mme Feza who created with him the Jali Afya aiming at changing one household at a time.



 Create an environment where people have access on quality healthcare, live healthier and flourish.




Empower health provider and household, initiating sustainable transformation, creating healthy communities 


Our Values

  • Creativity and Innovation: We value great ideas and unique potential in each one of us, to make this world a better place.

  • Equity: Each human being as the right to be treated as a human being, not matter his age, sex, race, geographic location and economic status.

  •  Excellence: we target high, with enthusiasm and professionalism, so that the fingerprint of our actions make the difference in the community we serve.

  • Integrity: Living to the highest level of honest

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