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Jali Afya aims to:

  • Promote healthy lives of the households by addressing the socioeconomic determinant of health.

  • Promote science, technology and research to solution of major health challenges of under privileged populations.

  • Promote women and girls’ educations for flourishing families.

  • Support families to live decently with developed agro-pastoral, microfinances and environmental improvement.

Our Model

Jali Afya empowers health provider on one side by building their capacity, connect with them to design together the desired improvement and walk with them through the transformation process.

On the other side the vulnerable family is identified, connect with family members, learn together best ways to support, we design together the desired change, Jali Afya through his team follow up and measure the progress made, and celebrate together the success achieved.

As summarized in the three lines:

Building Capacity & Networking

Creating Sustainable Transformations and solutions




Our areas of intervention include:

  • Health at the center of all our work.

  • Improve family litteracy by Educating the women and the girls

  • Improve access to health by fighting porverty through Microfinance

  • Fight hunger through Agriculture and livestock farming activities.

  • Empower the community to create safer Environment for better health and preventing climate change. 



Improving mental health Clinical capacity for mild and moderate mental health condition for women affected by gender based violence.

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